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KRC KIKIS RENT A CAR LTD has become one of Cyprus’s most reputable rental and leasing companies with a diverse and large vehicle inventory.
Our commitment to personal service, vehicle safety and business standards set us apart and above the industry standard.

Our Story

The company “Kikis RENT A CAR LTD” (KRC) it is a family business and  was founded in 1995, having as its basis the area of Larnaca. We chose Larnaca, because statistically every year it welcomes the largest number of visitors compared to other areas of Cyprus. In this way, by placing our offices there, we can serve more and more customers every year.

At first, like any business, we started with a few cars, but trying to serve as many customers as possible. Our pioneering service and the trust that customers showed to KRC made us stronger and as bigger as now the requirements as well as the customers had changed. So while we started with 6 cars, at the moment we have over 40 vehicles available at our offices and this number is growing increasingly just like your needs.

Customer Service


For the KRC our priority is to meet the needs of our clients and for this reason we strive to have cars that meet all needs and all tastes.

Although when we started out as a car rental company, the number of vehicle availability was quite small; in the next few years we managed to change that. However, what differentiate us is both the plethora and the quality of our products.

Because, as mentioned, our primary goal is to please all our customers, we added to our list all types of cars. Apart from the classic vehicles for one to four people, we have minibus, in case you have arranged to visit our island with a large group.

This bus service also includes the driver so you do not have to worry in case you do not have a special driver’s license. But we make the difference by renting a limousine service to include the chauffeur. Our limousine is very spacious, with a capacity of up to 8 people. It is equipped with wireless Wi-Fiand minibar to enjoy your routes through the city as well as the island. If you wish to add something to the offered package, do not hesitate to ask us.

Rental Terms

The rental price includes:

  • Car insurance in case of minor damage or theft of the vehicle or its equipment. In the latter case we would kindly ask you to call the police and our company immediately.
  • Pickup/Delivery: If you are within the limits of the city or even at Larnaca Airport we deliver andcollect the car for free.

The rental price does not include the fuel for which the renter is charged.

If during the rental a fine is imposed on the vehicle by the traffic police, the renter is responsible for the repayment.

However, if you want to pick up the vehicle or to take it to another location besides the city of Larnaca, then the charge varies from €25 to €70 depending on the distance from our offices.

In case you want to rent acar during the summer period,where the rentals are in an increased demand, then the rental must lastfor atleast five days or more. If you want to rent it for just a day or two, then different charges apply depending on availability.

Customer service

At KRC our priority is the customer. Although the areas where weare locatedare mainly the airports of Larnacaand Pafos, in the last years, our base is where the customer is.

For this reason you can call us and inform us the location and the time you wish to receive your vehicle. When collecting the car we are at your disposal for whatever you need.

We will help you not only to pick up your luggage but to carefully place them in the vehicle. We are here to inform you in detail and answer any questions you may have aboutCyprus road network and to show you the best route as the traffic code is likely to be different in your country.

If you are anxious to drive a car that you have never used before, when you collect the car our employee will show you step by step the functions, the “secrets” and what to watch when driving the given car. In addition you have the possibility to rent the car along with all the accessories you wish, which upon collection will be ready, arranged and tailored to your needs.

Although our offices operate on a specific schedule, we are at your disposal every hour. Our call centre receives calls 24/7. Whatever problem arises with your car rental or even if you have questions about its operation, please feel free to contact us. One of our representatives will respond to your call and will assist you immediately.